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** Spend £10 and save 30% June 2024 ** Sprouting Butterfly Online Pop Up Shop
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About Sprouting Butterfly

Sprouting Butterfly
is an independent creative business run by me, Sarah Beavis. We mostly sell cards and wall prints from our range on this website but we also love to do commissions for cards and wall prints on request.

The ‘why’ behind Sprouting Butterfly

Sprouting Butterfly started in 2017 after a love from creating was reignited thanks to a purchase of an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. Having had my creativity squashed in secondary school art classes I had spent many years not expressing my love of creating things. With the encouragement of friends I took a giant leap and launched initially on a Facebook group and then on here. 

Sprouting Butterfly is driven by a few dreams.

My experience of grief and talking with others around me who had also experienced grief made me realise how awful so many sympathy cards are. They often scream platitudes and cliches which can be infuriating to read. And so I decided to create some Sympathy Cards That Don’t Suck, finding quotes from ‘experts’ and my own thoughts to help people express compassion, love and understanding to friends and family who have experienced grief. 

Secondly, I love community. I love the power of people coming together to build one another up and support each other. It’s what I spend a lot of my time trying to do. So I created (and am constantly creating more!!) encouragement cards and wall prints that people can give to those around them to encourage them in a specific moment or just generally when they see it on their wall. 

Finally, having grown up in a Christian family, my home had verses from the bible on the wall. Those verses which I saw constantly through childhood are often the ones I most easily recall. And so I wanted to create wall prints with verses (and other inspiring or fun quotes) to help embed them in people, and particularly childrens, minds.