Ta Da List notepads for Maggie
Ta Da List notepads for Maggie
Ta Da List notepads for Maggie
Ta Da List notepads for Maggie

Ta Da List notepads for Maggie

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Ta Da List notepad - SINGLE notepad listing

How many to do lists do you have on the go? How many do you write a week? How often do you finish a to do list? Do you move things from one to do list to another? In a world of to do lists it's so easy to forget to take a moment and see all that you are achieved. 

And so we created our Ta Da lists. An opportunity to stop and write a list of what you've accomplishments and see the small things and the big. Some days managing to brush your hair is a win. Other days you might hit the bottom of the washing pile AND put it away. Some days you may accomplish reading every email in your inbox. Another day the accomplishment landing a huge business deal. EVERY accomplishment is worth celebrating and the benefits for peoples mental health is so valuable. 

Mental health in recent years has taken a hit for so many. Whether it's you or a loved one these notepads are such a great reminder to see positives in the depth of awful times and the heights of great times. 

The Ta Da Lists have 50 identical lined bright pages on 80gsm recycled paper.

There are two choices for the band that surrounds. These are printed on recycled cardboard. One options just simply states 'Celebrate your accomplishments'. The second options has Nehemiah 6:3 'I am doing a great works and I cannot come down'. It's such an important encouragement. 

Chose between a rainbow background or a confetti background.

The notepads come with a choice of band
- Celebrate ~ the band reads 'Ta Da list. Celebrate your accomplishments' 
- Nehemiah ~ the band reads 'Ta Da list. I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Nehemiah 6:3. Celebrate your accomplishments' 

The Ta Da notepads are printed on 100% recycled paper which has a 'Blue Angel' environmental seal. The printers also offset the carbon footprint of the production and delivery.



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