Mum’s Reward Chart card
Mum’s Reward Chart card
Mum’s Reward Chart card
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Mum’s Reward Chart card

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Mum’s need reward charts too! A few of my Mum friends and I will often send each other a Mum gold star ⭐️ for lots of different reasons to recognise how hard we worked. Anything from having finished the laundry pile to not shouting at a child. Surviving another online lessons with our child or choosing fish fingers and chips for dinner to give ourselves a rest. Mum’s achieve a lot and often don’t recognise it so here is a card and some stars to get you started. 

This is a great card to give to your Mum on Mother’s Day or send to a Mum friend any time of year to give her encouragement and help her recognise her achievements. This card comes with a choice of multicoloured stars or a sheet of gold stars!

It is printed on a white Matt finish 5x7 inch card and features a 35 square chart with some different coloured squares inside it. It has the words MUM’S REWARD CHART at the top with gold and grey stars around it. The card is supplied with a bright white envelope.


-One individual card
-Packaged with a recycled card band and Sprouting Butterfly sticker to hold the card and envelope together
-Matt white 6x6 inch card 
-Bright white envelope 


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