Closing Sprouting Butterfly

Sprouting Butterfly will be closing to sales from 23:59 on September 1st 2023! 

It’s been such a joy over the last almost 6 years to design, create and sell cards, wall prints and Ta Da Lists! I have done so many happy dances as cards have been sent out to people to offer support, encouragement and love. Sympathy cards that don’t suck have been such a core to what I’ve been doing and it’s been so good to be able to supply people with these. 

So why stop?

It’s simply a case of having too many plates to spin. For two and a half years I have been dealing with Long Covid and have recently been diagnosed with another chronic health condition. I am also a Mum to 3 children and I work as VA (Virtual Assistant) alongside being a wife, friend, daughter, sister…. I do not have enough headspace to market Sprouting Butterfly to run without it being a drain on finances and energy. 

It has taken me a great deal of thought and a long time to come to this decision and I do it with heavy heart. However I know that I am making the wisest choice I can for myself and my family despite still believing in the need for sympathy cards that don’t suck or throw platitudes around! 

Is this the end?

For now, yes. Maybe one day Sprouting Butterfly will grow again but it won’t be in the foreseeable future. 

To my customers

I am so incredibly grateful for your purchases and your love for encouraging others! It’s always made me smile to post out your orders. You are amazing and my heart is thankful. 

Last Summer Sale!

In the next three weeks cards will be on sale at a lower price so people can stock up if they want to and all orders will completed and shipped out by September 8th at the latest. Everything is 35% off!

Thank you.